New to Parkside

ALL are welcome

When you visit our church, we don't expect you to believe or even understand all that we do. We desire the church to be a safe, helpful place where people can ask questions and pursue God freely on their own terms before, or even if they never commit to the beliefs of our church. We may not be able to answer all of your questions, but we are certain that the truth revealed in Jesus Christ is sufficient and powerful to address our deepest longings.

Please see our Beliefs page and Sunday page for more information about Parkside Church.

The church is a family

Families are sometimes awkward, messy, and painful. We don't put on an act at Parkside and try to present ourselves as a squeaky clean church. Sin and brokenness don't stop at the church doors. We all bring brokenness, hurt, and sinfulness into the church. But the church is unlike any family you've ever experienced. We are real about our problems. We strive to be honest about our shortcomings. We do this because we are a family of grace. By faith, God has not only granted us a clean slate, but a perfect record in Jesus Christ. We no longer carry our sin and shame. Because of this amazing reality, we are enabled to treat one another with the same grace and forgiveness we've been given. Instead of fake, we are real. Instead of ashamed, we are free. Because of Jesus we are being renewed as a loving family that God intended us to be.

parkside kids

If you are visiting with kids, please take a look at the second page of this letter to visitors. We want kids to have a rich, multi-generational experience in the church, so we include them in parts of church life that may be different from your experiences. We have a nursery and cry-area with a video feed, but we also welcome some kid noise in the service as they learn how valued they are in God’s family.