COMMUnity at parkside

Community at Parkside doesn't end on Sundays. Fellowship continues throughout the week as we meet in various places, both planned and more spontaneous. We believe it is vital to be in community if we are to grow and know God better. God is a God of communion and fellowship as shown to us in the Trinity. Since we are made in His image, we are most human and whole when we are in community. 

events and gatherings

If you visit Parkside on a Sunday you'll find that most people stick around for up to an hour for fellowship and casual conversation.  We have snacks and coffee, but we suspect that's not why most people stay.  Outside of Sunday mornings, we have a number of opportunities for people to gather for fellowship, study, recreation, community service and outreach.  Here's a taste of some of our gatherings. 

  • Community Easter Egg Hunt - Saturday before Easter in the 28th Street park
  • Pie Stop-By - A fall favorite for neighbors and friends in South Park and around San Diego
  • Backyard Concerts - Some of our church musicians and other friends playing Cuban tunes under the citrus trees
  • Beach Days and Evenings
  • Men's, Women's and Church-wide Hiking and Camping Trips
  • Weekly Bible Studies and Community Groups
  • Men's and Women's Studies
  • Rock Climbing - An informal monthly meet-up at the local climbing gym
  • Dinner Parties
  • Turkey Run to support Father Joe's Villages ministries to those who are at risk of homelessness