sunday, January 21

service at 10:00AM

Sermon:  "Something Sturdy"

Ecclesiastes 12

Sunday's Bulletin: Bulletin_2018.01.07.docx

Foundations for Kids

The Heart of the Christian Story - A six-week course looking at the essentials of the gospel and what it means to be a Christian.  Starts December 3 and goes through the middle of January.  

9:10-9:50 for ages 4-12

During the sermon for ages 2-4

Foundations for Adults

The Gospel of Mark using Christianity Explored Curriculum.  The class meets in the sanctuary from 9:10 - 9:50.

Sunday Schedule

9:10 Foundations for Kids Classes

10:00 Worship

Snacks and Coffee following worship

3035 Ash Street, South Park, San Diego (Albert Einstein Elementary)